About the company

The history of development of our enterprise starts on April 1, 1992, from the registration of production and installation company “Energocomplekt”.

In 1997 limited liability company “Production Association Energocomplekt” starts its functioning in the city of Vitebsk (Republic of Belarus).

In 1998 the enterprise mastered production of wires for overhead power transmission lines.

In 1999-2000 the enterprise set up production of installation wires АПВ, power aluminium cables АВВГ and self-supporting wires СИП.

In the course of 2003 the enterprise mastered production of power cables with cross-section more than 95 mm2 and cables with shaped conductors, armoured cables with big cross-sections.

In April of 2009 the production line from Maillefer was put into operation which allowed to set up production of high-voltage cables. At the same time testing station for testing of high-voltage cables was brought into action

Nowadays Production Association “Energocomplekt” is the largest enterprise in the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of cable and wire production and includes 4 production workshops with all the necessary production infrastructure facilities.

About 500 qualified specialists and workers are employed by the enterprise, 26% of them - engineering and technical personnel. The whole managerial personnel has higher education, all the workers – special technical education.

Over the last years production of power cables, pilot cables (screened, armoured low-smoke (LS)), wires for overhead power transmission lines, installation and connecting wires was mastered and set up. Production of middle voltage and high voltage including 110 kV power cables, was mastered. The complete product range includes more than 14 000 label sizes. At the present moment production of fire-resistant, fire-retardant, halogen free compounds insulated and sheathed power and pilot cables, as well as production of cables with insulation on the basis of thermoplastic elastomers are mastered.

Basic materials for production are bought in Belarus, Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Russia, the Ukraine.

Production facilities of PA “Energocomplekt” are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery from leading world producers from Germany, Russia, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Finland, the USA which ensures complete production cycle.

Output products are realized via wide distributive network of branches in the Republic of Belarus (in all the regional centers) and in the Russian Federation (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don). High business reputation of the enterprise, which have proved itself to be a reliable supplier, and the quality of the supplied products are very highly evaluated by final consumers. PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd. carries out deliveries of cable and wire products to the Republic of Belarus, Russian Federation, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Slovenia, Hungary, the Ukraine, Turkmenistan, Azerbaidzhan, Latvia, Estonia, Uzbekistan. The circle of customers of PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd. includes enterprises of various branches of industry: electric power industry, oil and gas industry, building-and-construction industry, mining industry, transportation industry. Consumers include such large enterprises as multi-corporate enterprise “Belenergo”, multi-corporate enterprise “Belneftechim”, OJSC «HOLDING MRSK», Метрополитен, Belorussian Railways, PA «Belorusneft», OJSC "Transneft", OJSC «FGC UES», OJSC "Gazprom", OJSC "Lukoil", OJSC "Russian Railways", RAO “UES of Russia” and many others.

Close cooperation with many freight companies as well as the presence of in-house transport park secure accurate and well-timed organization in shipping and delivery of the products to final consumers. We offer the delivery of our products anywhere in the world through any mode of transportation.

In their quality the products of PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd. correspond to European and international standards. Quality management system allows to conduct multi-step inspection of the output products, including quality control of the supplied materials, stage-by-stage control of the production process and quality control of the finished products. State-of-the-art equipment, bought from leading producers, allows to secure quality of the manufactured products to the full extent within complete production cycle. And the presence of the in-house testing laboratory, certified for technical competence in the Republic of Belarus and Russian Federation and carrying out all kinds of tests on the finished products, guarantees to the consumer the receipt of high-quality products. The enterprise possesses certificates of conformity with quality management system in the course of cable and wire products manufacturing to the requirements of STB ISO 9001-2001 and RST ISO 9001-2001 as well as certificates of conformity with European standards.

PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd. becomes winner of various governmental awards and prizes on a regular basis. In particular, the enterprise has the following rewards: “The best industrialist of the year”, award of the Government of the Republic of Belarus for good performance with regard to quality. The enterprise was the winner of the competition “The best goods of the Republic of Belarus” and the competition “The best goods of the Republic of Belarus in the market of the Russian Federation”.

Production Association members the International Cablemakers Federation (ICF) and Association “Belakabel”. Since 2001 – also Association “Elektrokabel” which unites 64 cable manufacturing plants from CIS (the Commonwealth of Independent States). Since 2002 PA “Energocomplekt” has been a member of the International Cablemakers Association “Interkabel” which unites about 40 producers from the countries of CIS and the Eastern Europe.

PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd. is constantly inside the top ten enterprises of the Association “Interkabel” with regard to criterion “production of cable products on a weight of copper basis”, which is a basic criterion of this branch enterprise performance evaluation. And since 2005 the enterprise holds stable leading position in regard to this parameter among the cable manufacturing plants of the Republic of Belarus.

The goal of our company is the delivery of the highest quality products, competitively priced, as well as maximum satisfaction of our clients’ needs in regard to cable and wire products.
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