PA «Energocomplekt» Ltd. buys the following products on a regular basis: 



Copper rod, grade A,B,C.


Aluminium rod: medium-hard ( grade 1-2), hard ( grade 1).

GOST 13843-78

Electrical rod 6201(ABE).

GOST 20967-75

Zinc coated steel core, grade A and B.

GOST 9850-72

Zinc coated steel tape – tape coated with zinc by hot or galvanized method for flat armour production.

GOST 3559-75

Cable paper: single or double layer, compacted. Two-coloured, compacted.

GOST 10751-85

Cable paper: Two-layer. Multi-layer. Multi-layer, strengthened.

GOST 23436-83

Semiconductive water-blocking tape.


Semiconductive tape.


Water-blocking tape.


Copper foil.

GOST 1173-2006

Aluminium foil (annealed): soft.

GOST 618-73

Tape with cloth braiding.

GOST 5937-81

Peroxide cross-linked polyethylene compound (XLPE): semi-conductive, for insulation.


Silane cross-linked polyethylene compound: for insulation.


Polyvinylchloride compound (PVC).

GOST 16336-77

Polyvinylchloride compound (PVC).

ТУ У 24.1-30 98 98 28-002-2001

Polyvinylchloride compound (PVC).

ТУ У 24.1-30 98 98 28-003-2004

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