Accredited laboratory

The testing laboratory of PA “Energocomplekt” corresponds to the criteria of Certification System of GosStandart (National Standartisation Committee) of the Republic of Belarus and Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation; the laboratory has been certified for conformity with the requirements of STB ISO/IEC 17025 and GOST R ISO/IEC 17025, which is proved with relevant accreditation certificates. It allows to conduct multi-step quality control of the output products, starting from the incoming control of the supplied materials and component parts, stage-by-stage control of the production process and finishing with the outgoing inspection of the finished products. It helps to avoid defective work and expenses related to product recall as well as helps to carry out constant work on the attachment of new properties to the products and extension of the product range.

Highly qualified specialists of the laboratory carry out acceptance, sample and type tests of the output cable products in quantity, stipulated in the requirements of normative and technical documentation.

Inspection of the output products is made at several testing stations. One of the stations is designed for testing of low voltage cables, the other one – for testing of middle voltage and high voltage cables. The testing laboratory is equipped with a high-voltage impulse generator which is designed for testing of high-voltage cables by means of impulse voltage up to 800 kV. A shielded room with low value of electro-magnetic emission has been constructed for testing of cables for voltage up to 110 kV. High-voltage testing station includes high-voltage reactor and partial discharges detector, intended for the determination of the partial discharges level, which characterizes cable insulation quality.


 Electrical laboratory accreditation certificate.

Certificate of accreditation of testing laboratory.