Installation wires



1. Conductor: copper, single or multi-wire, round form, grade 1-2, 6.

2. Insulation: polyvinylchloride compound (PVC). For single-core wires, used only for grounding, insulation has green-yellow colour.

3. Stranding: insulated conductors are stranded or located in parallel to each other, all the conductors have the same cross-section. Single-core wire has no stranding.

4. Sheath: polyvinylchloride compound (PVC).


Wires are applied for electrical plants at the installation in lighting and power networks, for assembling of electrical equipment, machines and mechanisms under the rated voltage up till 450 V and frequency up till 400 Hz or under the direct voltage up till 1000 V.


Wires are stable against the operation temperature: from -50°C to +70°C.

Wires are stable against 100% relative air humidity at the temperature of +35°C.

Wires are stable against the fungi, mechanical impacts, linear acceleration, bends, vibration loads, acoustic noise.

Wires do not spread burning.

Wire assembling should be executed at the temperature of not below than -15°C.

Bending radius at the assembling is not less than 5 wire diameters.

Wire building length is not less than 100 m.

Guaranteed life is 2 years.

Service life is not less than 15 years.

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