A new cable for self-propelled cars developed and successfully tested

PA "Energocomplekt" is a developer of a new type of cable, a supplier of PJSC "Uralkali".

In 2017, the company took part in the program of pilot tests of cables for self-propelled wagons of PJSC “Uralkali”.
In the course of the meeting on the territory of the enterprise, which is the leader of the global potash industry, an introductory trip to the mining divisions was arranged for the specialists of the PA Energocomplekt.

The obtained information about the features of cable operation in the extraction of potash salts allowed the specialists to customize the design of cables for the power supply of self-propelled cars. For half a year, the technical department employees were engaged in the development of technical documentation, design of cable constructions and selection of the required materials.

The cables for self-propelled cars are designed to connect self-propelled cars with electric drive to an AC network of 50 Hz frequency at rated voltage of 1140 V. According to its technical parameters, this type of cable must be highly resistant to mechanical loads, therefore, the most advanced materials and the latest scientific developments were applied in its development.

While maintaining high resistance to mechanical loads, the individual design has smaller dimensions, which means large working / maintenance lengths. The sheath form a material with reduced flammability has excellent wear-resistant characteristics.

The pilot samples of the cable have been successfully tested in the accredited electro-technical laboratory of Energocomplekt. The cable КГТЭТу 3*16+1*10+1*16–1140 was certified in the Russian Federation, a certificate of conformity to GOST R and a certificate of fire safety were obtained.

According to the results of the work, PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd. submitted all the necessary documentation to PJSC “Uralkali” and was allowed to participate in pilot tests.

According to the pilot testing program, in order to objectively evaluate the participants, the testing of each cable sample were conducted simultaneously at 5 mines of PJSC Uralkali. In early October 2017, with the involvement of technical specialists of Energocomplekt, the cable was mounted on self-propelled wagons and put into operation.

During the entire period of trial operation of КГТЭТу cable, about 2 million tons of ore was mined. No remarks on the cable quality have been received.

Based on the results of the pilot tests conducted by the management of PJSC Uralkali, it was decided to select PA Energocomplekt Ltd. as a supplier of cables for self-propelled cars.

One of the main tasks of Energocomplekt is to provide the customer with the products that will meet all the technical requirements and will be suitable for the solution of the assigned tasks.

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