«Conform» technology: from a semi-finished product to a conductor

Extrusion line “Conform” has been installed at Energocomplekt.

he equipment is designed for continuous extrusion of shaped (sector) aluminum conductors with a cross section of 25 ÷ 240 mm2 and round aluminum conductors with a cross section of 25 ÷ 1000 mm2. The line capacity is up to 400 kg/h (depending on the manufactured product).

Industrial computer system with highly specialized software, mounted at the installed line, allows one to measure and record operating parameters (temperature, speed, drive load, etc.), graphically display any four primary parameters for the last 24 hours, monitor dynamic systems (line speed, drive shaft speed, take-up operating parameters, working area temperature, etc.), system input and output calibration, and others.

The main advantages of the production process on the new line include:

1. low capital costs;

2. low labor, energy and maintenance costs;

3. short changeover time;

4. high performance;

5. stable characteristics of conductors;

6. production of thermally treated conductors.

“Conform” technology allows to obtain a homogeneous structure of the product by the method of intensive plastic deformation. Due to internal friction, the metal is heated to temperatures of plastic deformation, pressed into the chamber and extruded through a die into a product of any shape. Since the material produces frictional heat and heat of transformation, it is possible to reach temperatures up to 500 degrees or more without a heater. Extruded material is completely re-crystallized, has high plasticity, forming a conductor.

To control the production process only one operator is required, two operators to start the line, as well as to replace the coils and drums. Products of almost any shape and length can be extruded continuously. The machine quickly warms up to operating temperature and reaches its maximum performance in just a few minutes.

For your information. The “Conform” technology was developed in 1971 by the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) as a method of continuous extrusion of metals. The technology has found application in the production of aluminum and copper long products, coatings for steel wire, multichannel pipes. But for metals that are heavier and harder than copper and aluminum, problems such as insufficient tool strength and poor product quality have limited the application scope of technology of heating due to internal friction.

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