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January 28 – Belarusian science day


Over the course of several years “Energocomplekt” coops with State Institution “Belarusian National Technical University”. The result of joint activities is a scientific research “The Efficacy of the Cables of 6-110 kV with XLPE insulation”, which was published in the international scientific and technical journal “Energetika. Proceedings of CIS higher education institutions and power engineering associations”.

The authors of the research are Korotkevich Mihail Andreevich, Doctor of Engineering, Professor of “Electrical power systems” department of the Technical University, Podgaiskiy Sergey Ivanovich, Chairman of the Board of Directors, PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd., Golomuzdov Andrey Valerevich, Project Engineering Manager, PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd.

The scientific research provides the assessment of applicability of cables for the rated voltage of 6-10 kV with XLPE insulation in comparison with cables with paper-oil insulation for the same rated voltage on the basis of the reduced costs method and multi-criteria optimization method (reliability assessment of cable power transmission lines parameters, convenience assessment of laying cable lines with different insulation materials, assessment of permissible bending radii, permissible range of temperature during cable installation without pre-heating, evaluation of the charging current value of a cable line, assessment of elevation difference of cables installation, assessment of environmental impact of cables); as well as the efficiency of their application was demonstrated.

In 2017 employees of the enterprise presented a scientific paper on seminars in Kirghizia and Belarus: “Procedural issues of reliability study of large energy systems” (Bishkek, September), “Energy efficient technologies and machinery in petrochemical industry” (Grodno, November), “Regarding improvement in quality of power cable transmission lines” (Minsk, December), which attracted genuine interest of specialists in the sphere of energy industry.

Scientific research is the basis for creation of market-oriented innovations. Positive reaction of participants of the seminars and consumers demonstrated, that scientific research results, innovative ideas and technological improvements are the best pillars of stability, they are accepted with understanding and their contents fully correspond to up-to-date goals and needs.

The products, manufactured by “Energocomplekt”, are distinguished by their high quality and safety in operation, as evidenced by multiple reviews from the partners. The products are in high demand among the consumers both in our country and beyond its borders. And this once again bears witness of the correctness of the policy, selected by the enterprise.

You can acquaint yourself with the contents of the scientific research here:

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         Article. Part 2.

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