Modernization of production – brand mark of «Energocomplekt»

Modernization of production on “Energocomplekt” continues.
A new up-to-date high-technology continuous vulcanization line from “Maillefer” started operation from July of the current year.
A new composite extrusion line is intended for production of power cables with peroxide cross-linking method with cross-linked (XLPE) and ethylene propylene rubber (EPR) insulation. These cables are used in distribution networks for 6-35 kV on facilities of oil and gas industry and oil-processing industry, chemical and ore mining industry, urban infrastructure.
The installed line is complete with an up-to-date control system and is computerized: all the data on the quantities of raw and other materials, required for products manufacturing, are pre-set and can be adjusted by an operator, which excludes waste generation and overconsumption of raw and other materials. Besides, the line is capable of continuous operation for up to 14 days. Only 2 operators are required to control the technological process on the line, more than 150 m in length.
For the first time in Belarus an enterprise will manufacture cable products with EPR insulation. It is worth mentioning that today rubber compounds find wide application, where it is required to provide operational flexibility or chemical resistance of cable products. In spite of higher price such compounds are impossible to replace in some areas. The key feature of the cables with EPR insulation is the possibility to use them in explosion hazardous zones of all classes. The cable withstands high current ratings and it can be laid at a temperature down to minus forty. Absence of leakages allows to save monetary assets substantially, and versatility and usability of the cable – the time of a customer.
The selection of cables with XLPE and EPR insulation is a correct solution of any customer.
Innovative development of “Energocomplekt” is the basis for improvement of effectiveness of its activities. Modernization of production and implementation of innovative projects, introduction of progressive technologies, measuring and testing means ensure stable high quality of output products, allows to extend the product range and, as a consequence, to raise the competitive capacity of the products not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also in the near and far-abroad countries.
The key point is not to be complacent and to constantly strive for success.

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