Priority target — quality and safety

At the present time the problem of illegal trafficking of industrial products is essential more than ever. This is due to the fact that illegal import, production and trafficking of counterfeit and fake products not only contribute to unfair competition in the consumer’s market but also cause serious damage to the economy of the country, lead customers to confusion as to consumer attributes and origin of the products.

Whether the customers like it or not, there are a lot of second-hand dealers, “working” actively in the market. Ungrounded intermediation and, as a consequence, overpricing, counterfeit products. The longer the chain from the manufacturer to the final consumer is, the less financially rewarding such a deal will be. Each additional chain link in the products distribution increases both financial risks and quality-related risks.

In the course of purchasing the quality issue, not the price issue must have top priority. Everybody is to understand that poor-quality cable and wire products constitute a potential threat to life and health, lead to essential financial losses, to breakdown of equipment and machinery, to emergency situations and even to technogenic (man-induced) catastrophes.

In a word, low price succumbs to the stability of deliveries, reliability of products and safety of electrical installation works. One mustn’t think of the profit only to the detriment of quality. The price escapes memory soon, the quality is remembered for a long time.

Dear customers!

We call you for purchasing cable and wire products directly from the manufacturing plant, representative office, via dealership network. This is the guarantee of quality, reduction of transportation expenses and, undoubtedly, buying economies.

Each case of counterfeit is not only a matter of reputation and protection of interests, but, in the first place, a matter of safety.

When buying cable and wire products over the Internet, pay attention to the marking, to the availability of quality certificates.

Be careful and cautious in execution of contracts.

PA “Energocomplekt” is a member of international association “Fair position”, which unites over 40 companies of electro-technical market of CIS countries, the activities of which are aimed at implementation of the following projects:

- “Countermeasures to illegal sales methods” (control over observance of principles of fair competition, struggle against counterfeit products);

- “Drive for compliance” (revealing falsification of actual technical characteristics of products and illegal competitive advantage);

- “Risk-free cables” (countermeasures against distribution of poor-quality cable and wire products);

- “Compliance of core parameters of cable-support systems” (declaration of core parameters of cable-support systems in accordance with regulatory and legal requirements);

- “Compliance in light engineering”.

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