November 8 – World Quality Day

Quality and reliability are on trend
Introduction of innovations is currently the most important condition of provision of competitive stability not only for the enterprise but also for the country. Innovation-driven development is possible in close relation with quality, its constant improvement and transformation only. It is the quality that improves production, the enterprise, as the result – the world around, motivates for development and obtaining stable success.
PA “Energocomplekt”, being a leading manufacturer of cable and wire products, permanently pays considerable attention to the quality of its products, laying emphasis on their safety and environmental compatibility, as well as on improvement of all the areas of its activities.

A testing center for routine, sample, certification and life-cycle testing of cables, as well as a testing station for performance of all the types of tests on cable products against the requirements of fire safety are located at the enterprise; an accredited electro-technical laboratory, registered in the Unified register of testing laboratories (centers) of the Customs Union operates there. Up-to-date measuring technologies for products quality control are applied there.

The testing laboratory corresponds to the criteria of the Accreditation System of Gosstandard of the Republic of Belarus, is accredited against the requirements of STB ICO/IEC 17025.

All the manufactured products are certified against the technical regulations of the Customs Union, STB, GOST R, as well as against the requirements of national standards of European countries. Certification against the EU directives with the right of use of CE and CPR marking has been performed.

PA “Energocomplekt” has certified quality management system, labor safety management system, environmental management system.
Any client must be certain that he makes a safe choice, selecting the products of PA “Energocomplekt”. Over 26 years of its history the enterprise has developed a reputation of an innovation-based manufacturer of high quality products.

The quality of the products is proven by awards, multiple certificates and letters of gratitude from customers.

The main goal of the enterprise is permanent – to stay an innovational and reliable partner for customers.

On the World Quality Day with all our heart we congratulate our staff members, whose work is related to production and control of quality of manufactured products.

We wish our staff members, partners and clients professional success, persistently high figures and achievements.

May you work always bring pride, joy, well-being, in a word, - qualitative life!

May all you dreams, hopes, conceived projects come true! 

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