Patents acquired

"Energocomplekt" innovative solutions have been patented

PA "Energocomplekt" acquired patents for the following utility models: power cable with an easily strippable semiconducting layer and mining flexible power screened cable. The utility models are unique and in demand on the domestic and foreign markets.

Power cables with an easily strippable semiconducting layer are designed to transmit and distribute electrical energy in fixed installations for nominal alternating voltage from 6 kV up to 35 kV with rated frequency of 50 Hz for networks with grounded or insulated neutral.
Three-core power cable with PVC sheath, flame retardant in single installation

The use of the compound, having slight adhesion to the insulation material, for the electrically conductive insulation screen makes it easy to separate the screen from the insulation when stripping the cable without usage of any special tools, which reduces the complexity of cable installation compared to installing a cable of a similar design without an easily strippable screen. This cable is manufactured with insulation from cross-linked polyethylene and ethylene-propylene rubber.

Flexible mining cables are designed to connect mobile machines and mechanisms to electrical networks and to mobile power sources for nominal alternating voltage of up to 1140 V with nominal frequency of 50 Hz and for direct current voltage of up to 1.5 kV in underground mines, in open-pit mining, in industrial and construction sites.
Flexible cable with copper cores conductors, with auxiliary conductors, insulated with ethylene-propylene rubber, with an earthing conductor, laid over the insulation of auxiliary conductors and a reinforcing net under the sheath from thermoelastoplast

The development of the design of the new mining cable and the selection of materials provide an increase in operational properties: resistance to multiple bends, twist bends, the impact of crushing loads and tensile loads.

A patent for a utility model certifies priority, authorship and the exclusive right to use the patented product. A useful device is not a novelty in the field of inventions, but a new model with its aesthetic and technical characteristics among devices already known to the science. With an increase in the rating of an enterprise, owning intellectual property, the demand for products born on the foundations of a technical solution and material profit are growing.

Continuous improvement of the applied technologies is one of the key principles of operation of Energocomplekt. The company conducts patent research aimed at determination of the technical level, trends and directions of development of the cable industry and the high technical level of output products, as well as rationalization work. The desire to have a "patent portfolio", full protection of one’s products give the right to dominate on the market.

In the Republic of Belarus, the exclusive right on a utility model is protected by the state. At the request of the patent owner, the violation of his exclusive right must be stopped, and the person, guilty of the violation, must compensate the patent owner for the damages.

We congratulate all the employees of the company on receiving copyright protection, we wish further creative success, successful implementation of new ideas, new victories, bold ideas and real achievements!

We hope that the young generation of the company's employees will take over the creative thought torch from the inventors of the enterprise, and their names will become a part of the history of PA Energocomplekt.

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