PA «Energocomplekt» - the winner of the competition «The best products of the Republic of Belarus»

PA “Energocomplekt” was recognized the winner of the competition “The Best Products of the Republic of Belarus” in 2018 in the nomination “Technical and industrial products”, and was awarded a special award “The Best in the Region”.

The best product is power cables with insulation from cross-linked polyethylene for the rated voltage of 64/110 kV.

The first experimental batch of 64/110 kV power cables with cross-linked polyethylene insulation (XLPE) at the enterprise was manufactured in 2010. At present, PA “Energocomplekt” Ltd. is the only Belarusian manufacturer of this type of products.

The quality of power cables with XLPE insulation by PA “Energocomplekt” is not inferior to the quality of the best imported analogues. The production is performed on a new high-tech catenary continuous vulcanization line. The applied raw materials are from leading global manufacturers.

The cables are environmentally friendly, since the design materials do not emit harmful products in concentrations that are dangerous to the human body and do not pollute the environment at the specified temperature of their storage and operation.

The laying technology of power cables with XLPE insulation for the rated voltage of 64/110 is much cheaper than laying oil-filled cables; consumers incur lower costs for reconstruction and maintenance of cable lines. When laying in urban areas, the restricted zone of the cable is much smaller than for oil-filled cables or overhead power lines. Consequently, the application of cables with XLPE insulation is a cost-effective solution, since it frees additional space for building and construction.

There are no special requirements as to the disposal of such cables when withdrawing them from service.

In the near future, the award will be presented at the official ceremony, the right to place the competition logo on the goods and their packaging, in the documentation and promotional materials will be granted.

The recognition of the products as the winner of the prestigious competition once again confirms the focus of PA “Energocomplekt” on the production of high-quality and marketable products that meet high up-to-date requirements.

It is gratifying to note that power cables with insulation from cross-linked polyethylene for the rated voltage of 64/110 kV became also the energy-efficient product of the year according to the results of the republican competition for the award for achievements in the sphere of energy efficiency “The Leader of Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Belarus - 2018”.

We congratulate our team on the victory!

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